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Our plan for 2024

Voter registration

Graphic representing voter registration

4 million citizens will turn 18 in 2024. Another 40 million Americans are going to move.

All of them will need to register to vote.

Voter turnout

Graphic representing voter turnout

50% of the people who don't vote in presidential elections are already registered to vote.

We need to help them get to the polls.

Voter protection

Graphic representing voter protection

The threats to our democracy are real, whether from hostile foreign interference or domestic election denial.

All Americans need to know their rights on Election Day.

Running a voter drive? Check out VoteAmerica+.

A VoteAmerica+ subscription gives you everything you need to run your own voter engagement program, backed by the most reliable software around.

Phone displaying the VoteAmerica voter registration formPhone displaying a prompt asking the user how they want to register to vote