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About VoteAmerica

VoteAmerica is a nonprofit organization founded by a small team of elections and technology experts (including the founder of, who have come together to combat the chaos of the 2020 election cycle by helping to drive record-shattering voter turnout. We will accomplish this via hyper-aggressive and targeted outreach to the millions of low and no-propensity voters who are generally neglected by partisan groups. This isn’t just empty rhetoric: collectively we’ve registered about 20 million voters and run GOTV to tens of millions more in our past roles. Now we’re scaling up.


Even amidst the forces of chaos in our voting systems, VoteAmerica’s mission is to provide access to trusted election information, open platform technology, and education programs to support and empower the most vulnerable voters to navigate the path to exercising their vote.


The team of experts at VoteAmerica envisions a United States electorate that reflects the population it represents. One in which 100% of eligible voters are engaged, consistently turnout to vote, and have confidence and faith in the validity of elections. Imagine leaders that are irrefutably elected and empowered by the people with a clear and incontestable mandate to drive change.

Want to join us? See our current openings.

Our Data

We have independently collected and cross-checked all of the official state data on this website. Please report any incorrect information you find, and we will update it as soon as possible.

Our data is also available via a public JSON API with no CORS restrictions. If you build an application using this data, please let us know what you're building, and we will send you updates when data changes or we launch new features.

Our Code

You can find our open source code on GitHub available under a permissive license which allows use, viewing and modification, but restricts third-party commercial offerings.