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Tools for schools

VoteAmerica offers a free plugin to embed a voter registration form in Learning Management Systems (LMSes). You will need an administrator of your LMS (likely in your IT department) to enable this — please send them this page.

The VoteAmerica LMS plugin is made available through as an LTI 1.3 tool, and thus should be compatible with all certified platforms. In other words, the plugin should work with most LMS platforms.

If your students are below the age of 18, please direct them to Future Voter!

If you run into any issues or are looking to integrate with an LMS that isn't listed below, get in touch.


For use with Blackboard Learn, follow the instructions to Add an LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool.

  1. Use the following as the Client ID: cc80f05c-b028-4cae-9720-166246248167
  2. Set Tool Status to Approved
  3. Under Institution Policies, leave Name and Email Addressed checked; you can uncheck / set the rest to No.


To add to Canvas:

  1. Configure an LTI key

    1. For Key Name, enter VoteAmerica
    2. Under Method, select Enter URL
    3. Fill JSON URL with
    4. Click Save
  2. Under the Details column, copy the Client ID and send it to the VoteAmerica team.

  3. Modify the placement

    1. Edit the VoteAmerica LTI key
    2. Under Placements, change to User Navigation
    3. Click Save
  4. Enable the key

    1. Turn State to ON
    2. Under Details, copy the Client ID
  5. Add the External App

  6. In the sidebar, click Account, then Register to vote. You should see the tool appear and look something like the following:

    VoteAmerica registration form shown in Canvas interface